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Your innovation is what differentiates you, and protecting it is a must. You can’t file patents on every new idea but they still need protection. You have critical assets like algorithms, know-how and business methods that you prefer not to patent and put in the public domain.

Protecting your confidential information is a 24/7 struggle: Employees might leave to join the competition and you lose control of core institutional knowledge. Perhaps you’ve disclosed too much in a patent or to a development partner. Supply chain partners might share your data with others. Maybe you’ve accepted sensitive information from a smaller company. Employees might be sending emails with sensitive data, or sharing information not covered by NDA without any oversight. Theft of know-how from former employees and potential partners poses an ongoing and significant threat. Fortunately, Tangibly is here to help!

Trade secret overview

Tangibly is an end-to-end workflow solution which helps identify, protect, and leverage confidential information

Tangibly’s solution

Tangibly helps streamline and simplify legal requirements and implement best practices to establish company assets as legally protectable trade secrets.

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What are trade secrets and why are they getting so much attention?

Confidential info can be protected by trade secret laws, if:

  • It is not commonly known
  • It has economic value
  • Reasonable measures have been taken to maintain secrecy

Recent Legislation Across
the Globe

Since the first federal trade secret law (DTSA) came into effect in the US, other major economies including the EU, China and Japan have followed suit and enhanced their laws.

Reduced Enforceability of

The Federal Trade Commission is attempting to regulate non-competes out of existence, many states already have. What used to be a viable strategy to help manage trade secrets is no longer an option.

Courts Require
Proactive Measures

Documentation and identification of trade secrets before misappropriation is now needed to make case for injunction and protection.

See Irth v. Apex and Mallet v. Lacayo.

If you can’t answer these questions
your trade secrets are not protected

Is your trade secret defined?
Is the information documented?
What contracts protect it?
Who has access to the information?
Do they know it’s a trade secret?

Tangibly laptop preview

Tangibly's Solution

Tangibly’s X-Ray™ platform

X-Ray™ is a fully-integrated AI-based tool designed for both in-house legal teams and law firms to help identify trade secrets and measure and manage risk.

Patent X-Ray™
Identify trade secrets

Contract X-Ray™
Ensure information is protected

Email X-Ray™
Identify risk and fix it



Safeguard Your Confidential Information

Tangibly’s end-to-end workflow tools are designed to manage your most important intellectual property.

Access Management

Provides a streamlined workflow to manage access to sensitive, secret, or proprietary information.

Compliance Training

Our education module provides video courses and quizzes ensuring employees understand the importance of protecting your assets.

Acknowledgment Workflows

Automatically notifies entities when a secret is shared and collects the required agreements.

Any File Format Anywhere

Assets can be uploaded in any any format or added using hyperlinks or pointers to your own storage.

Partner Management

Tangibly manages and tracks the flow of Trade Secrets between partners, collaborators, or licensors/licensees so you are always protected.

Easy Audits

Assets and entities are easily audited for compliance using simple visual indicators.

Asset Management

Transform intangibles into assets and manage them with confidence.

Contract Management

Contracts are key to protecting your trade secrets, confirm they are executed and know when they expire.

Exit Workflows (coming soon)

Run a seamless off-boarding process for maximum trade secret protection.


Our Managed Services help you design, implement, and drive your process.

Managed Services

Trade secret policy
It all starts here. Without a clear communication of the policy, the rest is left to chance.

Internal Assessments
Interviews with key employees, access and contract audits.

Recommendations, Remediations, Strategy (PDF)
What’s the plan and why? How does this enhance the patent position? Who needs to know what?

Software Implementation and Onboarding
Training internal team on optimal use of Tangibly per the strategy

Quarterly Assessments / Check-ins
Zoom calls, Recommendations delivered in PDF

Software Functionality

Unlimited users

Track access
Unlimited user acknowledgments

Partner profiles
Unlimited partner profiles

Email an Asset
Acknowledgement PDF

Asset Catalog
Unlimited asset catalog

Track contracts
Unlimited contract storage

Tangibly Learn with quiz

X-Ray AI
Patent, Email*

Email and Zoom

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