Improved Partner Features in Tangibly just released.


As of today, Tangibly is releasing improved workflow features within the Tangibly application regarding Partner access, capabilities, and interactions.

Let’s take a quick look at these improvements…

Partnership workflow – Assets can be added by 3rd party organizations and are clearly labeled as such.

Partnership workflow - labeling 3rd party assets for assets created by partner

Deactivating a Partner sends a notice to the Partner, and removes their access. The partner is instructed by email to delete any materials in their possession in accordance with their agreements.

Tangibly: Deactivating a partner screen

The Partner is Notified by Email. Here’s what the partner sees:

Email notifying partner tey no longer have access

Metadata is preserved. If a partner is deactivated or any files removed from Tangibly, the metadata and record of access is preserved.

Tangibly Metadata is preserved when partners and files are removed

In Case You Missed It

In older news worth mentioning: Did you notice we’ve added roles to user management? This feature assists managers of departments, HR and admins by assigning access to trade secrets in a more uniform way. Departments managers are responsible for the IP of their own departments. HR should have access to all the agreements but not to all of the assets in within the company.

Tangibly: assigning roles

Did you hear about Patent X-Ray™?

We developed Patent X-Ray because we recognized that AI can help identify trade secrets around patents that may or may not be disclosed within patent filings (algorithms, exact temperatures, exact quantities, etc). While making the effort to protect IP by applying for patents, there are “open holes” – where inventors are the ones who know these details, and if they leave the company they take this information with them.

The user simply inputs a patent number to start the process. Patent X-Ray produces descriptions of potential trade secrets, predicted based on Tangibly’s proprietary algorithm. The user can edit or accept the suggestions and then automatically add them to the compliance and management workflow on Tangibly’s platform.

Tangibly assigns the inventors as contributors. Doing that will send automatic acknowledgment notification which closes the loop and tightens the protection.

Patent X-Ray Sneak Peak
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