What We Do

Unlike the patent and trademark system, governments merely provide a legal framework for protecting your trade secrets. The rest is up to you. Tangibly delivers an end-to-end solution for effective administration and protection of trade secrets. Tangibly can be used to simplify proof in litigation, show increased enterprise value to investors or acquirers, as well as manage compliance with HR, NDA, and other documents used every day. Our innovative platform provides an efficient process that allows for working smarter, resulting in protection and peace of mind. Welcome to a new world of IP management.

What Motivates Us

Trade secret management is a complex legal topic where the laws, both local and federal, are varying shades of gray and the case law is coming fast and furious (~2,600 cases in 2021). The law requires you need to demonstrate ‘best efforts to maintain confidentiality of your information’ in order to be considered a trade secret. What does that even mean?

And it turns out that most IP lawyers are busy filing patents so have left trade secrets to the litigators. That’s right, the only real contingent of lawyers that care about trade secrets are those you call AFTER there’s a problem. It’s a hard truth, unfortunately.

And for many years, companies and law firms have used tools and platforms to manage their patent, trademark, and copyright portfolios. Trade secrets didn’t get the same levels of support and visibility. With growing litigation and damages from trade secret theft, an unmet need for an easy to use management tool is being increasingly and painfully felt.

Tangibly gives trade secrets the love and respect they deserve.

The Team

Tim Londergan


Tim is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about technology, intellectual property and innovative business models. He has founded multiple companies including Seattle-based nanotechnology company Lumera, (now part of Renesas), led investments in chemicals, IoT, and materials science at Intellectual Ventures, and most recently founded Singapore based IP incubator, Wavefront Venture Labs (now part of Boustead Securities).

Liat Belinson


Liat is an AI/NLP expert who is passionate about innovation and business process. She is the Founder & CEO of AI Patents (AIP), one the most accurate tools for discovering patent related prior art. AIP’s search technology has been integrated within the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as well as with industry-leading patent search providers. AIP has also been implemented in projects commissioned by the Department of Defense (DOD) examining the impact of procurement policy on innovation, and the National Science Foundation on the impact of university research on the composition of corporate R&D.

Chris Buntel


Chris is an attorney with over 20 years of experience connecting innovation and intellectual property law. He is the founder of Inflection Point Technologies, a Singapore-based IP consulting firm helping clients in Southeast Asia and beyond develop and protect new technologies. Chris was in-house counsel at Intellectual Ventures and at Millenniata, a start-up using material science approaches to solve data archival challenges.