Analyzer (Beta)

Trade secret protection hinges on the strength of your contracts.

Contract Analyzer Beta

Tangibly Contract Analyzer Features

Key Parameters

No more guesswork. Ten key parameters relating to trade secret protection are automatically analyzed for complete coverage.

Tangibly Key Parameters

Focused Approach

No need to spend time on parameters that pass our check. Focus on areas that need strategic improvement.

Find Errors

Sometimes small errors can have grave consequences. X-Ray help you find them quickly.

Tangibly Contract X-Ray Errors

We are using Tangibly’s Patent X-Ray tool not only to help identify trade secrets in issued patents but also in abandoned patents. There is a huge benefit to knowing where the patented material stops and the trade secrets start, and Tangibly’s Patent X-Ray tool lets us see that dividing line more clearly.

Ray Miller
DLA Piper US

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Contract Analyzer Beta