Legal Notice

If someone has access to your trade secrets, tell them they are trade secrets.

Tangibly Email Notification for Secure Document

Tangibly Notifications Features

Fully Integrated

Send a notice directly from an asset record. Whether they are internal to the company or an external partner, let them know they have your trade secrets.

Tangibly Asset Notifcation
Tangibly Training Compliance

Monitor Compliance

Quickly see who has acknowledged receipt and who needs a reminder.

Multiple Notifications

Notice comes via email as well as on the UI. Never a doubt as to what is a trade secret.

We are using the Patent X-Ray tool to help develop our client’s trade secret strategy and roadmap, and the results have been very impressive to us and our clients. We now see this as a key early step in assembling our client’s trade secret portfolio.

Roberto Valenti
IP Practice Group leader
DLA Piper Italy

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Tangibly Integrated Notifications