Treat your trade secrets like the valuable assets they are.

Tangibly Intelligent Asset Catalog

Tangibly Catalog Features

File Flexibility

Assets can be uploaded in any any format or added using hyperlinks or pointers to your own storage.

Tangibly File Flexibility
Tangibly Rapid Identification

Rapid Identification

Find trade secrets associated with projects, department, or people. Know what you have and where it lives.

Flexible Metadata

Characterize your data the way you want. Adding custom tags is easy and quick.

Tangibly Flexible Meta Data

Patent X-Ray greatly accelerates the time it takes to create our clients IP Strategy. What typically take 10 hours of patent analysis now takes one hour and we have a much more robust understanding of the patent-trade secret relationship.

Will Rosselin
Chief Intellectual Property Officer
PatentVest, Inc., a fully integrated IP strategy & law firm
Tangibly Catalog Search

Project View

Keep track of assets by project, team or business unit

Privilege Log

One click to download a comprehensive summary of who has what.

Tangibly Access Privilege History Download

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Tangibly Intelligent Asset Catalog