Trade Secret Knowledge

What is a trade secret?

A trade secret is any information that meets these three requirements: 1) economic value, 2) it is not commonly known and 3) is kept confidential.

Can any data or information be considered a trade secret?

Yes, as long as it meets the three requirements mentioned above.

Is a trade secret considered intellectual property?

Yes, in fact for many companies it is their most important form of IP

How is a trade secret different from a patent?

Patents require public disclosure of the innovation and how its made. In exchange a 20-year monopoly is granted to the owner. Trade secrets, on the other hand, never expire for so long as ] strict confidentiality is maintained.

How can we keep it safe?

First and foremost you need to have your trade secrets documented. Recent case law, including Mallet (Food technology) and irth Solutions (Software), highlight the perils of poor documentation.

We do not have patents or innovation in the company. Is Tangibly relevant for us?

Trade secrets cut across the organization and are not limited to technology. Customer lists and data, for instance, is one type of trade secret that nearly every organization has, and they are often the center of trade secret litigations.

Can Tangibly help me determine what my trade secrets are?

As part of your onboarding process, we will indeed help you understand what are some of your most valuable trade secrets.

Platform - Tangibly Manage

How do we start working on Tangibly?

Its a 3 step process:

Is the system secured?

We are hosted on AWS, and using encryption on S3 buckets. Contact us for additional information

If we do not want to upload assets to Tangibly, can we use links to our own documents?

Yes - we have the option to add url to your own servers or even just include a description of the asset

Platform - Tangibly Share

What is the purpose of Tangibly Share

It allows you to initiate, execute and track NDAs all in one place. It also allows you to link confidential information and the NDA that is protecting it.

Can I involve my lawyer if I get comments by the recipient?

Yes - there is a very simple workflow to invite your lawyer into the process

What does it cost?

The basic plan, which utilizes our NDA templates, is $10/month per user. The Pro version is $99/month per user which allows you to use your own NDA.

Does it integrate with Tangibly Manage?

Not yet, but its in the works.

Where is my data stored?

Tangibly Share is built on Jotform, a platform that puts security first. All data is encypted using 256 bit SSL