Game On in the Courtroom: Knicks Sue Raptors in High-Stakes Trade Secrets Scandal


Just yesterday (21 August 2023), the Knicks sued the Raptors, their head coach, and a member of the Knicks’ video team. The video team employee sent thousands of video files and other confidential information to the Raptors coach before joining the other team.

The information included scouting reports, play frequency reports, a prep book, and a link to third-party licensed software.

The Knicks’ internal security team reported that the materials were accessed over 2,000 times by the Raptors staff.

Knicks is suing under many causes of action – the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), DTSA, New York trade secret misappropriation (note – New York is one of the few states not to adopt the UTSA), breach of contract (employment agreement), and more (8 counts in total).

The Knicks are seeking a permanent injunction and damages.

The litigation ball has been tossed! Game on!


We at Tangibly always say that every company in the world has trade secrets, even sports franchises!

nicks lawsuit
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