Label your assets as trade secret

Limit access on a need to know basis

Inform employees and partners they have access to the company's trade secrets

Trade Secret Management SaaS

Tangibly Manage establishes a set of best practices between your Assets, People and Contracts so that you can transform your confidential information into legally enforceable assets. While patents are managed for you through government certificates (patent document), protecting your trade secrets is effectively DIY. Not managing them is as good as acknowledging that they have no value.

What Is Trade Secret Management?

Increasingly you have to be able to show the courts that you know what your trade secrets are with some level of precision (written detail), that you took actions to restrict access, and can articulate which ones were misappropriated. By using Tangibly Manage, all these steps become easy. Tangibly Manage guides users through the process of proactively managing your trade secrets and confidential information. Innovation is expensive both in time and money and results in your competitive advantage. Proactive management ensures you will realize the benefits of your trade secrets and protect them from theft and misappropriation.

Why you need a Trade Secret Management Solution?

Every business has trade secrets, whether they know it or not. By using the Tangibly platform, you will be able to identify and catalog your trade secrets, and more easily demonstrate theft (if and when that happens). You will also be able to articulate your trade secret portfolio, and use it to justify a higher valuation for your business. Most companies become aware of the importance of trade secrets once someone has stolen them, and by then it's typically too late. It’s like thinking about insurance only after your house is on fire.

Why Trade Secret Management is Important

Trade secrets are often key to a company’s competitive edge. Whether it's a manufacturing efficiency, a secret formulation or an algorithm, once it becomes known to the world, your business will be impacted. Nobody wants their trade secrets to be stolen, but if it happens you want to be able to go after the bad actor. If you haven’t actively managed your trade secrets, the courts will likely make it difficult or impossible for you to win an injunction or damages.

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