Episode 2: Trade secret misappropriation by an FDA official?

Tim and Chris discuss an ongoing case, VANDA PHARMACEUTICALS v. United States, which highlights the potential trade secret misappropriation by an FDA official!!  This is preceded by a quick discussion of the FTC decision to ban non-compete agreements.  More on that topic next week!

Episode 4: Samsung BOE trade secret case at the ITC

Tim and Chris discuss how trade secret owners can use the ITC (International Trade Commission) as a way to block goods from being imported into the USA. This is an interesting, and very different, alternative to traditional lawsuits in state or federal court.

Episode 1: All Roads Lead To India

Tim and Chris talk about Plintron Technologies trade secret misappropriation case against some former executives, and Chris’s recent trip to India to spend time with our investor and partner Wipro and their legal services team.