IPWatchdog: Trade Secret Management and the Fear of Missing Something


We’re excited to share an insightful piece by James Pooley at IPWatchdog.com. In his article, “Trade Secret Management and the Fear of Missing Something” Pooley delves into the importance of identifying and protecting your business’s most valuable assets – your trade secrets.

Whether you’re running a small, predictable business like a restaurant or an insurance agency, or a fast-paced, disruptive tech startup, understanding the nature of your competitive advantage is crucial. Pooley emphasizes that these secrets could range from customer lists and unique recipes to innovative ideas and data that shape your product’s ideal feature set.

However, identifying these ‘crown jewels’ isn’t always straightforward, especially in a dynamic environment where ideas and data are constantly evolving. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect this aspect. On the contrary, Pooley suggests that businesses should periodically pause to reflect on what distinguishes them from their competitors. This understanding is key to actively managing, protecting, and leveraging these assets to increase enterprise value.

Pooley also reassures businesses that they don’t need to ‘boil the ocean’ to understand their valuable assets. A simple spreadsheet identifying and briefly describing these categories of information can suffice for many. For those seeking a more disciplined approach, trade secret management tools like Tangibly can be a valuable resource.

In essence, Pooley’s article serves as a reminder that understanding and protecting your trade secrets is not just about preventing potential threats. It’s about setting a solid foundation for effective management of your information assets, preparing for transactions like acquisitions or licenses, and being ready to respond immediately when your rights are threatened.

We highly recommend giving Pooley’s article a read. It’s a valuable guide for any business looking to safeguard its competitive edge and future success. As always, we’re here to help you navigate these complexities.

Stay tuned for more insights and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

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