Our webinar on AI with Saul Ewing was a hit


On January 24, Tangibly co-founder Chris Buntel co-presented a webinar with Matt Kohel from the Saul Ewing law firm. The event was attended by about 470 people! Amazing turnout!

The webinar combined the two hottest topics from 2023 and 2024 – AI and trade secrets. We discussed how AI itself can be protected by trade secrets, as well as the AI output can be a trade secret. AI is raising some interesting dilemmas for the legal industry since IP law is built on the concept of people creating new things, not machines doing it. For example, a patent inventor must be a human and same thing for a copyright creator. How to best protect valuable output of AI? – trade secrets to the rescue!We at Tangibly are using AI in many creative ways to help identify and manage trade secrets. It’s an exciting time!

Reposted with permission from www.InHouseConnect.org

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