Release Notes – 05/22/2024


Main Updates:

  1. People – New Filters:
    • New Filters Added: Role, Country, Business Unit, Department. name, ID, email
      Release Notes 05-22-2024
  2. People – New Table View:
    • Enhancements: Includes a new progress bar, an actions menu, and new columns such as Agreements and Acknowledgment.
    • Impact: All users will experience enhanced visibility and management of people data.
      Release Notes 05-22-2024
  3. Continuation Analysis – Word Export:
    • New Feature: Users can now export continuation analysis into a Word document, which includes suggested claims for continuation.
      Release Notes 05-22-2024
      Release Notes 05-22-2024
  4. Partnership Functionality Improvements (based on FBR input):
    • Improved Functionalities:
      • Partners can see a ‘3rd party’ tag for assets created by clients.
      • Admins can view in the table ‘Assets shared with partners’, only the assets that partners were notified about and are not contributors of those assets.
      • Assets created by partners are now locked for admins unless they are recipients or contributors.
      • Partners can notify about non-3rd-party assets only.
      • Admins can download partners’ agreements.
  5. New Environment in Australia:
    • Update: Launch of a new server environment in Australia to better serve our users in the region.
  6. Alias ID – Contributor as Recipient (based on FBR input):
    • Update: When a user creates an asset from an email, the Alias ID must now be included as a recipient.
  7. Alias ID – Signature on Asset (follow FBR request):
    • Change: The signature linked with the Alias ID will not be added to the asset description anymore.

Fixed Issues:

  1. Upload PPTX Files: Previously encountered issues with uploading PPTX files have now been resolved.

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