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Tangibly Case Law Review # 8

Veronica Foods Company v. Ecklin

2017 , Northern District of California

Judge Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero


In the 2017 case of Veronica Foods Company v. Ecklin, presided over by Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero in the Northern District of California, Veronica Foods Company accused Kurt Ecklin and Millpress Imports LLC of misappropriating trade secrets in violation of the DTSA and CUTSA. The court dismissed the plaintiff’s first amended complaint for failing to state a valid claim under both acts, due to insufficient evidence of misappropriation and public disclosure of the alleged trade secrets. The decision emphasized the importance of demonstrating the confidentiality and exclusive knowledge of information to claim trade secret protection. The case highlights the challenges in trade secret litigation, especially when the information is publicly disclosed. Veronica Foods was given the opportunity to amend its complaint, underscoring the procedural and substantive thresholds for pursuing trade secret litigation.


The court granted the defendants' motion to dismiss the plaintiff's first amended complaint with leave to further amend.

Legal Significance

The case underscores the importance of clearly establishing the confidentiality and exclusive knowledge of information to claim trade secret protection and the challenges plaintiffs face when previously disclosed information is involved.

Financial Judgement

Not given

Key Takeaways

Key takeaways include the necessity for plaintiffs to concretely demonstrate the secretive nature of their information, the importance of taking reasonable measures to maintain such secrecy, and the potential legal hurdles when publicly disclosed information is claimed as a trade secret.