Protecting Trade Secrets in the Age of AI

Protecting Trade Secrets in the Age of AI

Best Practices for In-House Counsel on Trade Secret Development, Management, and Security

In-house Connect IP Deep Dives Series
January 24, 2024

Matthew Kohel, Partner, Saul Ewing, and Chris Buntel, Co-Founder and CIPO, Tangibly, will provide a deep dive into the best practices for the development, management, and security of trade secrets in the context of AI advancements.

Discussion topics include:

Understanding AI’s Impact on Trade Secrets: Explore how AI is transforming the landscape of trade secrets, altering both the opportunities and risks involved.

Strategies for Trade Secret Development: Learn about innovative approaches to developing trade secrets in an AI-driven environment, ensuring your company stays ahead of the curve while safeguarding its valuable assets.

Effective Management of Trade Secrets: Delve into the complexities of managing trade secrets in the digital age, including navigating legal frameworks and implementing robust policies.

Real-World Applications for Creating Trade Secrets with AI: Gain insights from real-world scenarios where AI has played a crucial role in trade secret protection.

Who should watch:
In-house counsel and legal operations professionals who manage or are involved in the protection of trade secrets and/or sensitive intellectual property.

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